We care 4greenArchitecture and the Environment Guided and coordinated by the architects, Koch Architekten, highly qualified and experienced planners, engineers and energy consultants offer integraded network-planning, striving for sus-tainability and GreenBuilding certification. We offer coordinated, integrated architectural planning, engineering and consultancy seeking for Sustainability and Energy optimizing of new and old buildings. Our ambition is to develop and plan good CO2-neutral archi-tecture with GreenBuilding certification and at the same time having a high comfort as well as an economically reasonable budget as basics . Architecture and Technic, Ratio & Emotio we all see as one object. The preliminary technical design integration in the architectural & conceptual master plan, is the prerequisite of an ecological-economical, but also a cultural sustainability. We advise our clients individually and comprehensively, starting from the requirements planning, property search, corporate identity (CI)-consultancy, project development, architectural planning, energy consulting & engineering up to complete conceptual interior planning including artificial and daylight design.Continuity at a high level from the first preliminary design idea until giving over our finished architectural work to the client is of big importance to us. All preliminary designs evolve from a constructive dialogue between us and our clients. Later then, we change our common pree-work-planning and decisions into a practical, integrated construction planning. All our work is practised in an interdisciplinary teamwork. Corporate architecture: Architecture is more than a visual experience. Built-up space determines the way we live, shapes our everyday routine and social communication. It is not merely an image that reflects social phenomena but creates the appropriate spatial conditions to implement innovative processes and influence our daily life. In this way, architecture conveys meaning and allows us to identify with content and design. Sustainable architecture is the key-factor in corporate identity (CI) in both professional as private terms. Deloitte´s Headquarter “Spherion” symbolizes as “Corporate Architecture”, “Best Office”, “Office of the Year” and GreenBuilding 2008 an authentic self-explanatorial self-assureness, "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) and at the same time "Corporate Environmental Commitment"! Philosophy: Our commitment as architects, engineers and energyconsultants is not only to be the trustees of our clients but also to share in responsibility for the design of our architectural environment. We are motivated and driven by enthusiasm for creative and execution planning and the construction process. Our on-going search for innovative solutions is underlined by a high regard for proven existing contexts. Based on our understanding of history as a process, we seek synthesis between tradition and moder-nity in our approach to historic structures. We regard building as the discovery of the genius loci, making the very best of a site‘s potential while linking it to the immediate architectural objective. We strive to match perfectly tailored architecture to its Site in a form that bears its own meaning. We are convinced that balance accrues from harmony of opposites. Our parameters are function and design, ecology and economy, daylight and orientation, technology and haptics, emotion and ratio, so as sustainability and the maintenance of a human scale in the process. Eco-Rating: We prepare your real estate property for GreenBuiling Certification due to LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, dena & GreenLight. The advantages of sustainable building are obvious. International and national investors expect less vacancy of these properties, an improvement of the rental fees and a long-term betterment. The amortisation of a green building has changed. It has become shorter due to the raising energy prices. The higher the Eco-Rating, the higher the Property value and betterment! New work: Structural change towards a service and communication based society gives rise to new forms of work, expressed in the spatial organisation and flexibility of modern workplaces. Non-territorial workplaces, combined office concepts, think cells and open workshop zones are the building bricks for future office landscapes. Flexible layout allows us to adapt to tomorrow’s world. The artificial light and daylight plays a very special and important role for the atmosphere and well-being of the employees at their working place. GreenLight Certification therefore is a good option to show Corporate Social Responsibility and at the same time Corporate Environmental Commitment. GreenBuilding: The reduction of global green house gas emissions of our environment and the energy costs are of greatest concern for every project. With the help of dynamic simulation tools we already optimize the energy demand in the early design phase and develop so-called smart buildings. These are complex cross-linked and adaptable systems, which react to the weather. The employment of daylight redirection reduces the lighting energy demand and increases at the same time the lighting comfort of the working area. The environment is preserved and relieved by sustainable GreenBuilding concepts and by the employment of renewable energies. Numerous funding options are available. Politics and economics made sustainability and GreenBuilding to top-priority case. GreenBuilding becomes the symbol of the Corporate Environmental Commitment for old and new buildings. Green architecture: Green architecture helps optimizing the sustainability of urban planning and building design. It improves the climate in- and outside of our built environment and helps enhancing our natural environment as well as the global climate. For the shelter of human beings a comfortable and healthy climate is established. Lighting, heating, cooling, air conditioning, and acoustics should all be considered. The means of architecture, construction, and building services should in a sustainable way conserve our “Spaceship Earth”. With this objective lifecycle-balances of buildings are optimized in regard of energy consumption and pollutant emissions. Our Green Architecture takes advantage of the most advanced scientific and technological knowledge in research and development for energy efficiency and renewable energies. It adapts to the local climate, the site, and the specific occupancy in an optimal way. Within the integrated design process all of the involved professional disciplines of 4greenArchitecture share their knowledge and experience for an optimal comprehensive output. Research and development: For sustainable buildings, a necessity for climate protection is a challenge in architecture, urban planning and building industry, which can not be mastered without research and development. Energy efficiency and the employment of renewable energies are the substantial potential, which with application more again of scientific results and technologies need to be used. The built environment in urban and suburban structures, supply and disposal systems, buildings and their technical subsystems are characterized by high complexity. The connecting of research and development activities on the different complexity levels is therefore urgently required. 4greenArchitecture works interlaced with scientists, planners, investors, project developers and manufacturers within the most important subjects of research and development. Services: Architecture, Engineering, Energyefficiency and renewable energy consultancy, Research & Development (R&D), Green building, Building simulation, GreenBuilding Certification - please see below at "References" + http://www.kocharchitekten.com www.4greenArchitecture.com - Innovation with Competence and Passion!

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