KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH

KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of air filtration systems. KMA waste air filtration systems can be applied to many fields within the processing industry. During the course of development our engineers and process technicians consistently focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. As a result, the KMA waste air filtration system consumes up to 80 percent less energy in comparison to conventional air filtration systems! Lowered energy consumption equals: lower costs! Consequently a KMA waste air filtration system is paid off in a relatively short time due to the reduced energy costs. KMA Umwelttechnik stands for quality and innovation. More than 2500 air filtration systems worldwide provide evidence of this. Their use achieves sustained success by avoiding environmental pollution such as smoke and odour. At the same time they make an important contribution to climate protection due to minimum energy consumption. KMA filter systems for the processing industry does not only remove smoke and bad odour from the air, it additionally – thanks to an energy-saving operation – reduces CO2-emissions significantly. Your contribution to climate protection: Improve the ecological footprint of your manufacturing processes.

Further information

Type of Business

  • Installation,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Engineering


  • Combined heating, cooling and electricity generation:
  • Biomass cogeneration (CHP),
  • Cogeneration /combined Heat and Power (CHP),
  • Geothermal heat and power (CHP),
  • Organic rankine cycle technology
  • Energy efficiency in industry and trade: heating and cooling sectors:
  • HVAC technologies (heating, ventilation and air conditioning),
  • Heat exchanger technology,
  • Hot water boiler technology,
  • Industrial heat pump technology,
  • Screw-type steam engine technology,
  • Steam boiler technology,
  • Steam turbine technology
  • Industrial and private heating and cooling:
  • Absorbtion chillers,
  • Concentrated solar thermal systems,
  • Solar thermal systems (large-scale),
  • Stirling engine technology


  • Energy efficiency in industry and commerce:
  • Industrial production: energy efficiency