Whether business, administration, energy producer or institution: reducing costs in a clearly predictable way and with a quick payback is as much part of our common duties as reaching the environmental goals of a company or an organization efficiently. With Accuramics 1100, Accuramics GmbH offers the high-tech solution for both effects at the same time. With this innovative cost-saving technology you will reduce your heating costs by up to one third – and, at the same time, you will reduce your CO2 emissions, your particulate matter emissions (NOX) and the energy consumption of your heating system. Accuramics 1100, the revolutionary new high-tech efficiency system is easily installed inside your central-heating boiler and starts saving your precious money from the moment of first ignition of the boiler equipped with Accuramics – and that of up to a third of your current cost burden. And while, thanks to Accuramics, you get by with less fuel than before by the day, you protect our climate at the same time. Because with Accuramics 1100, your heating system generates significantly less CO₂ emissions. This high-tech efficiency system resulted from joint development efforts with Saint Gobain, among others, a globally leading industrial concern for high-tech ceramic materials. Inside the central-heating boiler, Accuramics 1100 results in a fuel economy that can be calculated in advance, is guaranteed, permanent and starts immediately.

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