ACOSU Accompanying sustainable success. We help companies realize the economic potential of a sustainable (product) strategy, sales and sustainable technologies. In our daily work at ACOSU, we experience that a healthy company is the consequence of a sustainable company concept, i.e. to get the economic, environmental and social piece of the business right. The ACOSU team consists of experts to implement strategic and technologic concepts for these three fields: sustainable strategy and sales development, sustainable technology and resource management and employee development. Experienced economists, engineers and physicians implement individual procedures to promote the economic company success: i) an additional customer value through genuine sustainable products and services ii) resource efficiency through energy efficient production, a sustainable resource management and renewable energy iii) employee satisfaction and a decrease in staff illness We also prepare companies for the certification of e.g. ISO 14001, 50001, Great Place to Work.

Further information

Type of Business

  • Financing,
  • Engineering,
  • Project development,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Consulting,
  • R & D,
  • Education / training


  • Process heat supply / waste heat recovery:
  • Absorbtion chillers,
  • Biomass cogeneration (CHP),
  • Cogeneration /combined Heat and Power (CHP),
  • Concentrated solar thermal systems,
  • Geothermal heat and power (CHP),
  • Heat exchanger technology,
  • Hot water boiler technology,
  • Industrial heat pump technology,
  • Organic rankine cycle technology,
  • Screw-type steam engine technology,
  • Solar thermal systems (large-scale),
  • Steam boiler technology,
  • Steam turbine technology,
  • Stirling engine technology
  • Electricity transfer and storage:
  • Inverter technology,
  • Large battery systems,
  • Network control technology,
  • Power-to-gas technology,
  • Small battery systems
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration / centralised heating, ventilation and air conditioning:
  • Aircooled /watercooled chillers,
  • Condensors and evaporators,
  • Cooling towers,
  • Heat exchanger technology,
  • HVAC technologies (heating, ventilation and air conditioning),
  • Ice bank technology,
  • Industrial heat pump technology,
  • Refrigeration plant technology and equipment
  • Compressed air plant engineering /compressed air systems:
  • Air compressor technology
  • Machinery and plant engineering:
  • Instrumentation and control engineering
  • Information and telecommunication technology:
  • HVAC control systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning),
  • Intelligent process controlling systems,
  • Plant monitoring systems,
  • Smart home systems
  • Lighting engineering:
  • Industrial lighting,
  • Interior lighting,
  • Street and outdoor lighting,
  • Displays/big screens
  • Construction / building materials:
  • Insulation,
  • Doors & Windows