EcoSyst – the future of heating and cooling A modern room climatising system has to be ecological these days. The goal is to drastically reduce the energy consumption in buildings, ideally using completely renewable energy sources (CO₂ neutral). For economic reasons the system has to provide both, heating and cooling to reduce the investment and operating costs. A modern room climatising system moreover ensures a healthy and comfortable rooom climate. All this is covered by EcoSyst! The founders brought together their unique know-how in the fields of healthy buildings and mechanical engineering to develop this extraordinary solution. EcoSyst Climate Elements are the basis for a highly efficient system of energy distribution and energy release, appropriate for usage in low temperature ranges. The USP of EcoSyst compared to other efficient technologies is the optimal dew point management. The innovative semi-automatic EcoSyst Systems Engineering allows a decentralised fabrication of EcoSyst Climate Elements by local production units in the target markets – primarily South Europe. Focussed applications for the heating and cooling solution are hotels, office buildings and shopping malls as well as public buildings and hospitals. The company aims to aquire international partners, especially in semi-tropic countries, where there is a high demand on cooling solutions. Due to the USP, cooling below the dew point, the product is expected to find a great interest there. Target groups are manufacturers and mechants of building materials, the machine building industry and startups. The concept is to enable the partners to manufacture the EcoSyst Climate Elements themselves by providing them the EcoSyst Systems Engineering. Autonomously or together with their partners they can offer the EcoSyst technology on the local market for projects on heating and cooling. The companies head quarter is located in Chemnitz, Germany, CEO is Dipl.-Ing. oec. Jörg Viertel, who has a long term experience as entrepreneur.

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