CORPORATE CONCEPT: Bert Energy GmbH is the holder of patents and rights and acts as franchisor. Together with our franchise partners, we propagate the bert brand and concept. Bert Energy GmbH itself does not build plants but works with franchise partners to build bert plants locally. The franchise partner system allows insiders and even industry outsiders to enter the biogas market with a unique mass product and a fast global market penetration. Since 2010 we have done this successfully. For more details check: Agricultural builders and traders, farm cooperatives, civil engineers and many other professions can acquire a franchise license and offer bert to their existing clients. BERT EXPERTISE: Bert Energy GmbH pioneers in biogas technology, utilizing different substrates like slurry, manures and other biomass, with the end products being energy, heating/cooling and fine fertilizer. Bert also specialises in containerised biogas plants and fully automated CHP systems producing power from biogas and heat energy for thermal applications. TECHNOLOGY: The power of nature is used to mix the substrates in the digester. Bert offers a unique technology, which is optimized for liquid fermentation and small plants. The construction design of the concrete digester allows the generated biogas to mix the substrates. This happens automatically and continuously called the "Schwip-Schwap" Technology. Bert technology uses minimal moving parts and allows operation with minimal amount of time (15-30 minutes per day) to reduce maintenance cost. All plant components are standardized, consequently service and maintenance is straightforward and can be quickly trained by our franchise partners.

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