EWE AG concentrates its battery storage services business in a new company and opens up growth market. We are networking digitization trends with the storage business and are thus becoming the implementation companions of the energy revolution and the development of electromobility. Because the differentiation of storage solutions will take place through Data Intelligence in the future, we work with software developers, storage producers, energy suppliers and innovation hubs to identify trends and solve problems. In doing so, we focus on partners who are just as passionate, committed, solution-oriented and agile as we are and who support us in broadening the customer's perspective and thus finding a better solution and greater freedom for him. We use our network and our proximity to the market to bring people, companies and concepts together. EE plant operators, fleet operators and our business customers in Germany and abroad benefit from our problem-solving capabilities and our conviction that decentralisation and electromobility with the support of IT solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

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