bb22 is designing and realizing minergy - buildings, buildings that are constructed in an integrated fashion: each part is optimized for reaching sets of particular goals and qualities (example: group of hybrid construction houses in Frankfurt/Germany with massive concrete interior walls and ceilings for optimum heat storage, sound protection and fire safety, and at the same time light but load bearing wood construction for the exterior walls to ensure optimum insulation). bb22 is integrating technologies into the buildings that are at the same time state-of-the-art and common sense; all of our buildings are equipped with heat regenerating air exchange systems with earth collectors, with solar water heating, with micro water treatment systems, minimized heating appliances close to the main comsumption areas of the buildings, low temperature heating surfaces, windows with optimum g-values (for solar transmission) and moveable shading devices such as sliding shutters on the outside of the windows. We start to use PCM (phase changing materials) to catch solar energy in south facades and to absorb heat in the summer. All of these systems are simple technologies that are long known, that have been continuously improved and that are easy to use and maintain. bb22 considers urban schemes - from the arrangement of houses, little settlements up to city design - as crucial for obtaining sustainable qualities: examples are orientation of buildings to the sun but at the same time forming usable and good urban spaces, the reduction of (un-necessary) and reorganisation of traffic, and stable and mutually supportive social constellations. bb22 is - since 7 years - introducing energy-efficient approaches to housing and building at the east coast of the US (two of the partners of the company are MIT graduates and maintain a local office in Boston with energy efficient housing projects in Boston, on the South Shore and in Cape Cod); bb22 is realizing a 500-room-hotel for a Japanese hotel chain in Europe (their first house outside of Asia), introducing low energy technology and building into the economically optimized contruction methods used in Japan; additionallly, bb22 is currently consulting and designing in Aserbeidschan, Spain, Indonesia and South Africa (bb22 is maintaining a local office in Cape Town).

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