C3CONSULT Effizienz-Agentur Imroth & Zimmermann

Energy Saving Technologies, i.e. industrial pumps / industrial fans / vakuum insulation panels / LN2-technology for super freezing / consulting services / energy audits DIN EN 16247 and 50001 / energy monitoring systems

C3CONSULT and our product partners are offering these energy saving technologies: • high efficient industrial pumps • high efficient industrial fans • high efficient LED lighting solutions for industry and municipalities • VIPs - vakuum insulated panels for cooling chambers and building insulation • energy saving LN2 cooling technology for super freezing • energy saving adsorption chiller aggregates • Energy audits / DIN EN 16247 and DIN EN 50001 We can offer you case studies about some projects and we are pleased to provide further information. Please feel free to contact us!


Renewable power generation

Building services engineering / technology

Plant and machinery manufacturing

Savings over conventional technologies:

approx. 60 - 85% in case of industrial pumps approx. 50 - 85% in case of industrial fans approx. 60 - 90% in case of LED lighting technology in combination with presence detection approx. 50 - 80% in case of using VIPs - vakuum insulated panels approx. 70 - 90% in case of LN2 cooling technology for super freezing In comparison to former installed technical equipments the amount of energy saving is enormous: The high efficient components will reduce energy consumption up to 80 - 90% and will reduce costs of maintenance in the same manner. Example: Special LED flood lights - tested under TM21 testing scenario by TÜV - will function without any decrease in luminous flux for over 50.000 hours and the live span of these LED-lights will be 100.000 hours including all components (LED-drivers). Example: Industrial pumps runs without any maintenance cicle for over 5 years without failure or need for spare parts.