smartE5 GmbH

Energy-Recovery-System ERS 200


The ERS 200 is the world's first complete thermal-energy-system primarily designed for low temperature and industrial applications. Heat or waste heat of any kind can be used to produce environmentally friendly electricity. The smartE5 GmbH delivers the ERS turnkey in every desired size. The ERS 200 of the smartE5 GmbH is available in the following variants: The ERS 200 fully operational "Plug and Play", built into an ISO standard container. ERS Variant: ERS 200 PPC (PPC stands for Plug and Play Container). The ERS 200 without container, directly integrated into the individual production or process chain of the customer. ERS Variant: ERS 200 Individual. The ERS 200 is available in different performance sizes: ERS 200 PPC: There are a total of six performance variables to choose from. ERS 200 Individual: Individual performance variables of the ERS 200, precisely designed according to customer requirements.


  • Electricity generation and heating/cooling:
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Energy efficiency in industry and commerce:
  • Industrial production: energy efficiency

Savings over conventional technologies:

Advantages of the Energy-Recovery-System ERS 200 (ERS) and arguments to purchase: High monetary advantages through significant energy-savings with electricity and thermal energy Low amortisation time CO2 saving Sustainable contribution for environment awareness and to protect environment Mainly or completely energy independent and own determination Practicality: simple and individual designed module solutions Target groups: - Wastewater treatment plants, plant sizes from approx. 50,000 pe - Cogeneration units - Ceramic-, porcelain- and glass industry - Laundry industry - Industrial compressor manufacturers and -users - Shipping industry - Chemical industry - Bakery industry - Paintshops - Steel industry Most modern technology with ERS 200 unique selling points Officially eligible for financial aid (optional) Net stabilizing (electricity) Optimal aesthetics of all ERS 200 components