Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England

Eadmer, a monk who lived during the 12th century, left a record that the Norman Canterbury Cathedral had been built upon the site of a Saxon cathedral - the second largest cathedral in the world exceeded only by St. Peters Cathedral in Rome. Over the centuries, no one paid any attention to this story since the Saxons were believed only capable of building straw huts or wooden halls at best - that is until 1993 when a MULTIBETON floor heating system was installed. After removing the original stone floor, the 12th century legend was found to be true. Moreover, under the Saxon cathedral, which dated back to the 6th century, even older remains were discovered from Roman times. Construction was started on the Canterbury Cathedral, as we know it today, beginning in the year 1070. In 1993, the English general contractor MULTIBETON Ltd. installed a MULTIBETON floor heating system in 830 m² of cement floor. Piping was secured to the armouring using cable binders. So-called "Breathing Floors" were used on the Norman foundation which require no vapour seal. The 25 mm mortar bed resting on a layer of sand was again covered with the original 50 mm thick renovated stone slabs. Room temperatures of 18 °C can be achieved based on a heating capacity of approximately 100 kW.

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Palace of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France

The "European Palace of Human Rights" is the result of a competition won by English architect Sir Richard Rogers (famous above all for his "Centre Pompidou" in Paris). Since 1998, the European Court for Human Rights has its new (and since 1998, its exclusive) headquarters here in Strasbourg. In 1994, the 750 m² lobby of this building was equipped with MULTIBETON floor heating and cooling. This system is operated with a heat pump which either obtains the energy required for heating from the ground water, or else it releases energy obtained from cooling into the ground water.

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A. Rubinstein Philharmonic in Lodz, Poland

The Artur A. Rubinstein Philharmonic (Filharmonia Lódzka im. Artura Rubinsteina) was founded in 1915 and got its todays name in 1984. The philharmonics orchestra and choir perform all over the world and are frequently working with movie academy of Lodz. From November 2002 to January 2003, a new floor heating system was installed by MB-Partner BAJ in the new "Filharmonia im. Artura Rubinsteina". The installation included 2,800 m² MB screed system in all stories and in the underground garage. Final floor coverings included tiles, natural stone and parquet plus cement flooring in the underground garage.

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Private Road: Les Montagnards, Saint Maurice de Lignon, France

The brining facility and sausage plant "Les Montagnards" is 800 m above sea level, located in the Massif Central in the department of Haute Loire. In order to protect the steep driveway against snow and icing in winter, MULTIBETON Open Space Heating was directly installed in the asphalt in 1999. MULTIBETON partner SABY installed 480 m² of the system MB asphalt System in four sections. The required energy is supplied by the brining facilitys own refrigerating devices.

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