Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH

Glass factory near Leipzig


2 Dimplex Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Type LI 28TE use the waste heat from the production lines in order to allocate heating and warm water for the administration building including showers and toilets. The production building is also cooled by the suction of waste heat.


Family home with Brine-To-Water Heat Pump


The Dimplex Brine-To-Water Heat Pump SI 14TE supplies the family home in Cottbus with heating and warm water. Additionally the heat pump will be able to warm the pool water. The family changed their oil-heating by the Dimplex Heat Pump. They have more space than before, lower heating costs and less CO2 (carbon dioxide).


4 Dimplex Heat Pumps supply S.Oliver Head Quarter


4 Dimplex Brine-to-Water Heat Pumps Type SI 130TE supply the Headquarter of S.Oliver. The building for 300 employees will be heated, cooled and supplied with warm water by the Dimplex Heat Pumps. The building is located in Rottendorf near Würzburg.


Reversible Air-to-Water Heat Pump supplies a family home


This family home has 270 m² and is located in Oberkotzau (Northern Bavaria), which is known as the coldest region in Germany. Although a reversible Dimplex Air-to-Water Heat Pump Type LA 16ASR supplies the building with heating, warm water and cools it in summer. Their heating costs per year are about 900 Euro.