Installation training at Accra Polytechnic Enlarge

Installation training at Accra Polytechnic

Thanks to the stable political conditions, the chances of establishing a solar market in Ghana are excellent. With the feed-in regulation introduced in 2013, and the high electricity price level for end customers of roughly € 0.13/ kWh, the market offers attractive options for expanding the solar sector, not only in urban areas.

The Ghanaian energy plan passed in 2010 also focuses on supply security in rural areas. 54% of the national territory is currently electrified. By 2020, all rural regions are also to be supplied with electricity as part of the “National Electrification Scheme”.

Solar education trail built by mp-tec at Accra Polytechnic

mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG has built a solar educational trail to demonstrate grid-connected and stand-alone applications at Accra Polytechnic, a college of applied science. The educational trail, consisting of a deep well system, a street lighting system, two single-foot ground-mounted systems and a back-up system is available as a training system for students of technical subjects. Student training in use of the systems began as early as during the installation.

And even after the completion of the project, different technology and sales training units were offered. The dena RES Project Ghana was officially launched on 23/05/2014 by the German Ambassador, the Ghana Energy Commission, the college of applied science, dena and mp-tec at Accra Polytechnic.

Ceremonial commissioning

Ceremonial commissioning

About the German project partner - Networked with mp-tec

mp-tec specialises in the development and production of application-oriented, high-quality solar electricity, solar thermal energy and frame systems. As a partner for specialist dealers, tradespeople, planners and investors, it implements turnkey solar farms from planning to completion. With its nationwide network of roughly 4,000 trade partners, mp-tec is the largest solar system provider in the new Federal States of the former Eastern Germany.

System Data

Thin-film ground-mounted system:
Installed capacity:2,4 kWp
Module type:Solibro SL2F CIGS Dünnschichtmodul 120Wp
Inverter type:SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF-30
Polycrystalline ground-mounted system:
Installed capacity:2,45 kWp
Module type:Solarwatt BLUE 60P 245 Wp
Inverter type:SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF-30
Back-up system data:
Installed capacity:2,94 kWp
Module type:Solarwatt BLUE 60P 245 Wp

Charge controller:

Hybrid inverter:

Battery system:

Steca Tarom MPPT 6000

Steca Xtender XTM 4000-48

Hoppecke sun.power pack 14.8-48 48 V 14,8 kWh

Deep well solar system: 
Module type:Solibro SL2F CIGS 120Wp
Deep well pump:Grundfos SQ Flex 1.2-2: drinking water certified
Solar lamp system data:  
Module type:mp-tec FEPV50 Kiros 50W/12V 130Wp Modul; 7m
Battery system:VICTRON 12V/141Ah AGM Deep Cycle

This project is part of the worldwide dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme.