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dena RES Project Tansania

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Thanks to excellent irradiation values of an average 2,043 kWh/m² a year, Tanzania is an attractive target market for photovoltaic applications. Among the factors that make solar power an alluring proposition are high electricity costs and regular power failures, as well as the opportunity of replacing expensive diesel as fuel for powering off-grid supply. Tanzania, a country bordering the Indian Ocean, is also a member of the up-and-coming East African Community and can act as a springboard for the entire region. This is a further reason why the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) - the German Energy Agency - has chosen Tanzania to establish a lighthouse project in the context of its Solar Roofs Programme.

Lots of sun for regional fruit

In Dar es Salaam, the seat of the Tanzanian government, Deutsche Eco AG from Frankfurt am Main has installed a grid-connected photovoltaic system with a capacity of approx. 15 kWp on the roof of the Food Lovers Market. The system supplies the market, which offers fresh regional produce such as meat, fruit and vegetables, with CO2-free power and serves as a reference project for similar ventures. On top of this, data collected on power failures in the region can be assessed, allowing for the development of system solutions in line with regional conditions. The opening ceremony for the PV system on 25 November 2014 was attended by Peter Mousi, Head of Central Government, Jan-Dieter Gosink of the German Embassy in Dar es Salaam, dena and further representatives from politics, business, and the media.

About the German project partner

As an internationally active photovoltaic specialist, Deutsche Eco AG and its subsidiaries provide all PV system-related services from one source: planning, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring. Investors can acquire holdings in solar power systems in the form of closed-end funds or private placements.

System Data

Installed capacity:14.72 kWp
Module type:64 x Heckert Solar NeMo P 230 Wp
Inverters: SMA Tripower 15,000 TL
Mounting system:Schletter FlexXXL 4 x 16 Module
Annual yield:20,600 kWh
Reduction in CO2 emissions:ca. 8-10 t/a