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The PV plant will be used both for electricity generation and for the training programmes of the GREEN Academy

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Companies: maxx-solar & energie GmbH & Co. KG, KYA Energy Group
Partner Institutions: GREEN Solar Academy and the German Energy Agency (dena)
Technology and service: Off-grid PV plant including battery storage

Electrification, and energy supply from reliable, clean sources, are absolutely key factors for development in West Africa. In view of this, the Togolese government has set a target of over 80 per cent electrification by 2030, to be achieved by expanding the power grid, using small, autonomous solar systems and delivering through solar mini-grids.

German solar company maxx-solar & energie GmbH & Co. KG, the GREEN Solar Academy and the KYA Energy Group have joined forces to support this, in order to use their pooled expertise to promote the use of mini-grids in the country. Their goal is to train local engineers and fitters to set up, operate and maintain solar mini-grids, so that the country can meet the enormous challenge of electrification. For this purpose, a network-independent, German-made 30 kWp PV plant, including battery storage, has been set up at the KYA Energy Group’s headquarters in Lomé as part of the Renewable Energy Solutions Programme. KYA is a systems house for photovoltaics, and also runs a research and training department. Its main areas of business are dealing in and assembling solar power systems for households and commercial clients.

The plant, which consists of 105 solar modules provided by the German company IBC with an output of 285 Wp each, delivers around 90 kWh of electricity per day. The electricity is mainly consumed during the daytime, and the excess output is stored in 48 BAE batteries with a total capacity of 1,750 Ah at 48 V, for use during the night or in periods of low sunshine. However, the off-grid system does not just deliver electricity – rather, it is this capacity that makes it the key component for the training programmes of the GREEN Solar Academy, which are focused on solar mini-grids. At present, GREEN offers training at eleven academies in nine African countries, in collaboration with 10 local partners.

During the official inauguration ceremony on 15 November 2019, the pilot facility was formally started up at the KYA Energy Group’s headquarters, in the presence of official representatives of the Togolese Energy Ministry, the German Embassy and the German Energy Agency.

System Data (off-grid PV including battery storage)

Installed output:30 kWp
Module type:IBC Solar PolySol 285 RS5, 285 W
Inverter type:Voltronic Power InfiniSolar 3P
Battery inverter type:Voltronic Power InfiniSolar 3P
Batteries:BAE Batteries BAE 11PVV 1650, 2 V/1,750 Ah
Annual output:42,000 kWh
Annual CO2 savings:8.63 t