RES-Project Greece

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In November 2019 Greece introduced obligatory direct marketing for renewable energy. In a first step, operators of solar parks, wind farms, biogas plants, and hydropower plants had to send in generation forecasts for their plants. Since November 2022, electricity producers must actively and continuously market their electricity on the Greek intraday market. Deviations between the forecasted and the actual amount of electricity generated can lead to significant costs. Sophisticated IT solutions are needed to integrate electricity generation from decentralised solar and wind installations into the electricity market. In Germany, such solutions have existed for some time.

This has prompted Protergia, the largest private power supply company in Greece and part of the listed conglomerate MYTILINEOS S.A., to rely on emsys VPP’s market-leading digital end-to-end solution for the direct marketing of electricity from solar parks and wind farms. This German software solution uses a virtual power plant to connect multiple decentralised plants and monitor their electricity generation in real time. Thus, they can adapt electricity generation according to demand and sell it profitably. Emsys VPP set up a customised version of the virtual power plant for Protergia and linked solar and wind installations with a total capacity of around 300 MW. The virtual power plant includes solar and wind power forecasts created by emsys VPP. They keep the energy supplier updated on how much electricity the plants will produce depending on the weather.

Emsys VPP also supports the operation of the virtual power plant, including the flexible connection of further plants. This way, the project ensures an efficient integration of climate-friendly wind and solar energy into the Greek electricity market, thus contributing to climate protection. With the support of the RES programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, emsys VPP conducted numerous training sessions and demonstrations of the software solution at trade fairs and online conferences. Since the project began, the German software-as-a-service provider has established itself as the leading digital service provider for energy suppliers, electricity traders, and direct marketers in Greece.

The pioneering demonstration plant was officially inaugurated in Athens on 21 October 2022 together with the German Embassy during the ‘Renewables & Storage Forum’ trade fair. In their welcome address, the head of the economic department at the German Embassy in Athens and a representative of the German Energy Agency stressed the significant contribution that this energy solution provides for the Greek electricity market on its way to decarbonisation.

Ulrich Kaltenbach (emsys VPP) presents the advantages of digital solutions for grid and market integration of renewable energies at the  inauguration of the RES project

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