A 10 MWp rooftop solar system was installed at Ty Bach factory, employing German components, such as DC cable JJ-LAPP, mounting frame from Schletter. Enlarge

A 10 MWp rooftop solar system was installed at Ty Bach factory, employing German components, such as DC cable JJ-LAPP and a mounting frame from Schletter.

Vietnam is one of the largest manufacturing and exporting hubs of garment and textile in the world. Many brands place their production base in Vietnam thanks to skilled labor force, low labor cost and high productivity as well as various local and international incentives for importing of materials and exporting to target markets. Factories in this sector normally have large buildings and roof space, operate with stable consumption pattern: 6 days per week, 2 or 3 shifts per day, main consumption in daytime. These characteristics provide optimal conditions for rooftop solar application, helping the manufacturers to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint, which is part of the sustainability goals set-forth by global fashion brands in recent years.

Ty Bach Vinh Long is a 100% Taiwanese company, belongs to LaiYi Group and mostly produces for Vanity Fair Corporation (a US company who owns luxurious sport brands). Their factory in Vinh Long province is a newly built factory with designed roof area of 70,000m2. The factory has an interest in rooftop solar application to save energy cost and achieve the renewable energy target required by the Vanity Fair Corporation. This campaign is in line with their strategy to become a strategic partner of VF corporation and to be a flagship sustainable project of Vanity Fair in Vietnam. The installation of rooftop solar enhances their visibility in the sector and local community and attracts good labour force.

A 10 MWp rooftop solar system was installed at Ty Bach factory, employing different German components, such as DC cable JJ-LAPP and mounting frames from Schletter. The estimated annual energy yield from the system is 14,650 MWh, equivalent to a reduction of 13,375 tons of CO2 per year. The PPA business model is applied in this project, 100% project value invested by the solar partner and the factory will enjoy lower electricity price in comparison to utility’s price during the period of 20 years.

German Contribution

JJ-LAPP cables and mounting structure from Schletter were selected to be the used this project to ensure high performance and reliable operation of the solar system.

Support of the German Energy Solutions Initiative

The Project Development Programme (PDP) of the German Energy Solutions Initiative supported Ty Bach Vinh Long with various awareness raising activities and project development, including knowledge on rooftop solar technology, advice on local regulations, pre-feasibility analysis of rooftop solar project, sharing contacts of German companies and advice on contract negotiation. Ty Bach Vinh Long subsequently was convinced to use German equipment thanks to proven quality in the global market.

System Data

Installed capacity:10 MWp
Type:Rooftop solar, on-grid
Yield:Up to 14,650 MWh per year
Saved CO2 emissions:Up to 13,375 tons/year
Location:Vinh Long province, Vietnam
Client:Ty Bach Vinh Long
In operation since:December 2020
German business partner:JJ-LAPP and Schletter
Number of solar panels:24,300 (Canadian 415 Wp solar panel)
Number of inverters:80 (Fimer PVS100 – former ABB)