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The decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery from LUNOS ensures the ventilation of both parts of the building. This system not only conforms to standards, it also enables energy-saving ventilation without the need to lay new air ducts. A total of twelve e2 fans and one ego fan were installed.

Both, the e2 and the ego, achieve a very high efficiency of 90.6 percent and 87.7 percent respectively, which means that very little heating energy is lost. If required, the ventilation system can be switched to an exhaust air mode in which a volume flow of 45 m3/h is discharged in order to quickly let fresh outside air flow into a room.
According to the European energy label, the energy efficiency of the Jordan House has been raised from a G- to an A+++ rating.

Moreover, an underfloor heating system was installed in the entire building, using an Ochsner 18 kW air source heat pump with a separate split evaporator. The building is thus effectively heated and kept dry without damage occurring and at the same time the moisture is reduced to a desirable level. The basic temperature of the house never drops below 16 ºC.

Technology Showcase Ireland LUNOS

© Lunos Lüftungstechnik GmbH für Raumluftsysteme

System Data

Technologies/MeasuresDecentralized ventilation system with heat recovery, underfloor heating system with heat pump
Building Energy efficiency rating A+++ (European Energy Label)
Efficiency of ventilation system components

e2-fan: 90.6%

ego-fan: 87.7%

About the Energy Efficiency Awards

The Energy Efficiency Awards in Ireland were organized by the German – Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in October 2020. The awards show intended to promote successful German-Irish partnerships in the building sector. The five projects that have been selected show how innovative German energy-efficient solutions have led to increased building quality, reduced energy costs and lower CO2 emission levels in Irish buildings.

The online-event comprised three highly relevant presentations on the topic of energy efficiency in buildings by representatives from politics and industry, the presentations of the five German finalists, the official award ceremony and a concluding virtual networking event.

The Energy Efficiency Awards are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to recognise the positive impact German energy efficiency technologies have on Ireland's efforts to become more energy efficient.