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A completely new airtightly sealed thermal envelope, consisting of 15mm OSB boards, a 200mm stud frame from solid structural timber with insulation and 35mm softwood fibre boards, was designed and constructed for the building. The work also included a blower door test. The wooden elements were planned and prefabricated in Sellstedt, Germany and transported to Ireland on low loaders. For the construction and conversion, ÖHS employees were on-site to carry out the construction work. Due to the location of the house on an island off Ireland’s coast, a civil engineering company had built a pier in advance and a crane was set up.

The previous heating system, which was based on gas and electric water heating was replaced by a heat pump. The system uses the temperature difference between the deep probes (120m deep in granite rock) and the ambient temperature. The improved insulation of the building led to an additional decrease in heat demand. In addition, the hot water preparation is supported by thermal solar collectors.

All windows and doors were built in the style of the original design by an Austrian company and are triple glazed. The installation of the windows was jointly carried out by companies from Germany, Ireland, and Austria.

Technology Showcase Ireland - ÖHS

© Fa. Ökologischer Holzbau GmbH

System Data

Technologies/Measuresnew thermal envelope, thermal solar collectors, heat pump

Energy reference area

268 m2

Heating demand (annual)

11405 kWh/a or 42.6 kWh/(m2/a)

U-value exterior wall

0.121 W/(m2/K)

U-value roof

0.130 W/(m2/K)
U value floor 0.377 W/(m2/K)



About the Energy Efficiency Awards

The Energy Efficiency Awards in Ireland were organized by the German – Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in October 2020. The awards show intended to promote successful German-Irish partnerships in the building sector. The five projects that have been selected show how innovative German energy-efficient solutions have led to increased building quality, reduced energy costs and lower CO2 emission levels in Irish buildings.

The online-event comprised three highly relevant presentations on the topic of energy efficiency in buildings by representatives from politics and industry, the presentations of the five German finalists, the official award ceremony and a concluding virtual networking event.

The Energy Efficiency Awards are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to recognise the positive impact German energy efficiency technologies have on Ireland's efforts to become more energy efficient.