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The apartments in this development are supplied with heat from a centralized heating system. Three Dachs micro CHP units – technology “made in Germany” by SenerTec GmbH – were installed as part of this system.

Glenergy Ltd, the Irish Partner of SenerTec GmbH, installed the first system in Ireland that combines boilers, CHP, and air source heat pumps to one single heating solution. It was implemented in all the Fairways Apartments. CHP and boilers traditionally work very well with each other, but heat pumps operate at much lower temperatures than CHP or boilers, which poses a challenge to make them all operate together. This challenge was met through innovative engineering design and control strategies so that all the different technologies seamlessly operate in unison to create the most efficient heating system. The CHP and heat pumps are also sized to complement each other i.e. each CHP electrical output is matched to the electrical demands of the respective heat pumps.

Due to this combination and unique use of the various energy efficient technologies in the Fairways centralized heating system, residents will enjoy exceptionally low heating and hot water bills. The estimated annual costs for heating and hot water amount to €450. The CHP units themselves will continue to deliver efficient heat and electricity for at least the next 15 years.

System Data

Technologies/MeasuresCombined heating solution of boilers, CHP and air source heat pumps
Building Energy ratings

A2 (Building Energy Rating BER)

Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB)

Building Primary energy requirement35kWh/ (m2/a)
CHP data

5.5 KW electricity

14.8 KW heat

90% efficiency

About the Energy Efficiency Awards

The Energy Efficiency Awards in Ireland were organized by the German – Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in October 2020. The awards show intended to promote successful German-Irish partnerships in the building sector. The five projects that have been selected show how innovative German energy-efficient solutions have led to increased building quality, reduced energy costs and lower CO2 emission levels in Irish buildings.

The online-event comprised three highly relevant presentations on the topic of energy efficiency in buildings by representatives from politics and industry, the presentations of the five German finalists, the official award ceremony and a concluding virtual networking event.

The Energy Efficiency Awards are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to recognise the positive impact German energy efficiency technologies have on Ireland's efforts to become more energy efficient.