Ventilation of Kamnitnik Kindergarten and use of reneable energy sources (Skofja Loka) Enlarge

Ventilation of Kamnitnik Kindergarten and use of reneable energy sources (Skofja Loka)

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Menerga is a high-tech engineering company specialised on energy efficiency in air conditioning, ventilation, heating, and cooling. It functions as an energy one-stop-shop, offering investors, engineers, and architects everything they need to optimise the energy performance of buildings in one place. Its two prized products which the company developed itself are the Rewatemp hybrid heat pump and the HydroTemp energy and hydraulic module which combine to form a comprehensive solution for buildings, allowing the use of a renewable energy source – a shallow geothermal energy well.

The Company Menerga executed the project »Low-energy Kindergarten Kamnitnik«. For the purpose of ventilating and cooling the kindergarten premises, Menerga installed the ADCONAIR air conditioning unit (supplied by the German partner), which offers energy efficient heat recovery in winter and in summer with integrated evaporative cooling. Fort he purposes relating to the kitchen technologies, the company used the same technology, this time using the ADSOLAIR unit. The heat recovery units (recuperators) are made of polypropylene, which is fully non-corrosive. The ventilator technology is state-of-the-art and includes energy-efficient EC fan motors with digital air flow measurements. The regulation technology regulates the ventilation devices depending on the time and CO2 concentration in the spaces (CO2 regulation), with the devices making automatic adaptations with appropriate amounts of air. The production of the thermal and cooling energy to be used in heating, cooling, and ventilation is based on 100% renewable sources (a shallow geothermal energy well). With a maximum priority use of free-cooling with the help of the REWATEMP hybrid heat pump – developed by Slovenian experts – which combines the production of thermal and cooling energy and the heating and reheating of sanitary hot water. The applying project features two Menerga München devices (ADCONAIR 76, ADSOLAIR 56) and the Slovene Menerga's REWATEMP. In terms of achieving energy efficiency, this is a winning combination and a product of the German-Slovene technological partnership.

Year of Implementation: 2017 - 2019

Key Characteristics

  • air conditioning unit ADCONAIR
  • air conditioning unit ADSOLAIR
  • hybrid heat pump REWATEMP
  • annual primary energy consumption for heating&cooling (without SWH): 394.564 kWh
  • annual primary energy consumption for heating using RES: 81.546 kWh
    annual primary energy consumption for SWH using RES: 21.707 kWh

About the Energy Efficiency Awards

The Energy Efficiency Awards in Slovenia were organized by the German – Slovene Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Slovenia) in April 2021. The AHK Slovenia has invited German companies that have successfully implemented innovative energy-efficient technologies in Slovene buildings to submit their most promising reference projects. Through a competitive selection process by our expert jury, six German companies have been chosen to receive one of the desired awards and present their building solutions to a broad range of experts, decision makers and media representatives.

The Energy Efficiency Awards in Slovenia is funded within the German Energy Solutions program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Its aim is to recognize outstanding achievements of German technology suppliers in Slovenia, showcasing technologies and innovations that contribute to increasing energy efficiency in Slovene buildings. It is designed to help German companies strengthen their position in the Slovene market and make new connections within the sustainable energy and building sector. The awards provide participating German companies the chance to showcase their technologies and services that focus on increasing overall building performances.

The program of the online-event included discussion by industry experts on energy efficiency in Slovene buildings, the video presentation of the six final projects, the award ceremony and a final digital networking event, giving you the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore business opportunities with industry pioneers and experts.

The Energy Efficiency Awards are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to recognise the positive impact German energy efficiency technologies have on Slovenia's efforts to become more energy efficient.