Project Development Programme

Project development in Cambodia German Training Week within the Project Development Programme (PDP)


Begin: 18/02/2019
End: 22/02/2019
Location: Phnom pen, Cambodia
Field of application/technology: Energy generation
Country of implementation: Cambodia
Target area: Asia, Southeast Asia

In January 2018, the Cambodian electricity authority (EAC) created a legal framework for solar PV systems for the first time. It sets technical standards for the connection and synchronization of solar PV systems to the grid and introduces a new electricity tariff structure for customers who own a solar PV system.
The implementation of a legal framework for solar PV systems in Cambodia creates investment security, which contributes to the further development of the solar market.

Cambodia’s industrial and commercial operations will face challenges in increasing operating costs, due to expectedly higher electricity prices in the future. An embedded generation with PV-systems in many cases already offer an economical solution for energy security and cost saving. However, developers’ capacity is still rather limited when it comes to develop quality projects that could attract German and international investors and achieve financing for higher rate of realized embedded PV projects.

The training week will be organized in Cambodia to reduce the above-mentioned market barriers for local players as well as create business opportunities for German small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) via increased number of quality business opportunities for financial investment and to sell their services and products. The event will take place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Presentations will be held in English.

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