Project Development Programme

Project development in Cambodia German Training Week within the Project Development Programme (PDP)


Begin: 11/01/2021
End: 05/02/2021
Location: Online
Field of application/technology: Energy generation, Solar energy
Country of implementation: Cambodia
Target area: Asia, Southeast Asia

The German Training Week with the focus on project development in Cambodia will take place from 11 January until 5 February 2021.

Due to the worldwide action to fight the spreading of COVID-19, the German Training Week will take place online.

Use the opportunity to strategically position your company in the Cambodian solar PV sector.

You are most welcome to join this German Training Week – Project Development to expand your network and gain hands-on experience through German experts from the solar PV sector regarding the successful development of solar PV projects in Cambodia. In addition to technical and financial topics, the five-day workshop will also cover commercial and legal aspects of project development. It gives you a perfect opportunity to strengthen the project development skills and set up long-term partnerships with high skilled German companies of the solar PV sector.

The language of presentation will be in English with translation to Khmer. The five-module course is structured as follows:

M 1 (11.01.-14.01.2021)Course overviewProject Phases, stakeholders of project development, Finance of projects
M 2 (15.01.-21.01.2021)Technical AspectsIntroduction into the Solar PV Technology, Assessment of PV-Resources and energy output, PV-System Design, Concepts for on-site electricity generation and consumption, suitability of locations, construction, operation and maintenance of PV-systems
M 3 (22.01.-28.01.2021)Commercial/ Financial AspectsElectricity load profiles, business models, financial modelling, business opportunities for project developers
M 4 (29.01.-01.02.2021)Legal AspectsMain investment risks, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), leasing model, EPC-contracts, O&M contracts, project finance agreements, regulatory issues and insurance issues
M 5 (02.02.-05.02.2021)CommunicationProject Documentation, successful preparation for project development, final test

The training is free of charge.

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