Energy storage

Charging infrastructure for e-mobility in Greece Fact-finding mission


Begin: 20/06/2022
End: 24/06/2022
Location: Germany
Field of application/technology: Energy infrastructure, Wind energy, Energy storage, Solar energy
Country of implementation: Greece
Target area: EU

A fact-finding mission for company representatives and decision-makers from Greece to Germany from 20-24 June 2022 will enable you to gather first-hand information on charging infrastructures for electro mobility and to establish business contacts with German companies. The fact-finding mission includes a networking event and on-site visits of best-practice projects

Connect with German companies

The networking event and information seminar will be held on 20 June 2022 in Stuttgart. The event provides insight into the current situation, trends and prospects for German energy solutions with regard to the planning, construction and operation of charging infrastructure for electro mobility. You have the chance to exchange knowledge with German experts and company representatives.

On the following days, on-site visits to see best-practice technology applications and/or measures are planned for you in southern Germany/Baden-Württemberg. You will benefit from a comprehensive information and visitor program designed to foster the transfer of expertise.

Representatives from state-owned and private companies, grid operators, ministries, public authorities and energy associations who want to gain a first-hand insight into German energy solutions are welcome to join the fact-finding-mission

Contact for further information

The market for electromobility is growing rapidly in Germany. In 2021 every third electric car sold in Europe went to Germany, due to decreasing prices and a substantial subsidy. The recently elected Government plans to set up over one million public charging spots until 2030. The majority of this new infrastructure should offer fast charging as well.

The German law on electro mobility enables cities and municipalities to introduce special privileges for sustainable mobility. This includes free (or cheaper) parking spots, charging stations on public space, special exemptions for local access restrictions, and many more. Until today, over 100 cities and municipalities have already adopted the law to their local conditions. The fact-finding mission will focus on the experiences that energy providers, public authorities and private companies have gained in establishing this charging infrastructure.

To register and to obtain further information about the event, please contact the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.