Project Development Programme

Photovoltaic self-consumption projects in the C&I sector of Zambia & Botswana Reference project trip to Botswana and Sambia within the Project Development Programme (PDP)


Begin: 16/02/2023
End: 17/02/2023
Location: Botswana
Field of application/technology: Energy generation, Solar energy
Country of implementation: Botswana, Zambia
Target area: Africa, Southern Africa

The purpose of the trip is to showcase successful and high-quality solar systems in their real-life condition. The programme will contain discussions with current solar PV system owners and expert inputs on technical details (overview) and economic considerations and investment cases. The programme is tailored in a way so to empower you to make an informed decision on the adoption of a solar PV rooftop system.

The event is the perfect opportunity to identify suitable German business partners for your embedded generation solar projects.

You will have the opportunities to introduce your embedded generation solar projects and directly discuss offers with the German solar solutions providers. Via the digital reference project site visits, you will be able to learn from your peer industrial enterprises their experiences developing rooftop solar project under local conditions and the benefits of German technologies and services.

Contact for further information

To register and to obtain further information about the event, including the profiles of the participating German companies, please contact the Project Development Programme (PDP) Team.

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