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Model of the multi-functional facade element

© Arno Dentel

Whilst the shell of a building primarily serves to protect it against heat and moisture, the project “Solar Construction – Facade 3” goes two steps further. What is being researched is the development of a facade element which, on the one hand, combines various different functions in a single facade element. On the other, the integration of organic PV modules will enable energy to be generated directly on the wall of the building. The flexible, (semi-)transparent thin-film modules used will aesthetically blend into the overall picture; the colour, transparency and size can be altered as desired.

The textile sunblinds, also integrated, are adjustable and selectively coated: this enables daylight to enter without there being an overexposure to sun radiation in summer – a sensor measures the strength of the solar radiation. For the insulation on the surface of the building, sustainable material from renewable resources is being developed. The integration of the facade into an intelligent control concept ensures the increase of the building’s energy efficiency and the users’ comfort. Furthermore, a high level of preconfiguration and a modular design ensure the economic efficiency of the facade element.

Following a two-year development and planning phase, the facade element will be tested under real conditions: a multi-storey residential building in INNOPARK Kitzingen will serve as a demonstration building.