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The test rotor at University of Rostock

© Dipl.-Ing. Roman Rachholz

Since December 2015, the research of the project partners from the University of Rostock and W2E Wind to Energy GmbH in Rostock has been concentrating on finding solutions to raise the efficiency of wind turbines. The focus is on the turbines’ dynamic properties, including their natural vibration and damping properties.

These properties will be measured against existing wind turbines of MW Class 2 and 3, and also under different loads. Based on this, multi-body models will be developed on the computer, which will enable the simulation of various scenarios, including a specific load situation, for instance. The theoretical findings gained will subsequently be verified against wind turbines that have already been installed.

Researchers hope to gain insights from this project into the potential for optimising the efficiency of wind turbines. In addition to reducing the overall weight of the plants, the primary specific power generation costs are to be lowered, while at the same time increasing the availability and reliability of the plants. Decreasing dimension-based loads would mean reducing the amount of material used to manufacture wind turbines.

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Measuring the rotor with the help of sensors at the rotor blade tip

© Andreas Schulze M.Sc.