The "shineSmart" module in question is a digital electricity meter with a communication interface (smart meter) that informs users in real time about their overall electricity consumption. Using a personal energy assistant, the shine App, regular energy checks are carried out to analyse the entire electricity supply and consumption. The app provides an overview of the daily, monthly and annual consumption and notifies the user of unusual consumption patterns. In addition, a monthly energy report is sent by email.

Prosumers can use the integrated energy manager "shineHub" to track the current energy production and the amount of electricity drawn from the grid. A self-learning algorithm ensures the increasing automation of the entire energy supply and consumption. According to easyoptimize, shineSmart is able to reduce the annual electricity costs by up to 15%.

This system has now received the maximum funding of 1 million euros as part of the pilot programme "Einsparzähler" ("energy-saving meters"). This programme seeks to foster digital innovations - like smart metering devices - contributing to an optimization of energy effiiciency in private households. Thanks to the support from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), 6,100 customers can test the shineHub without having to pay their installation or hardware costs. With their voluntary participation, the individual households agree to make their anonymised energy consumption data available to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for scientific analysis.