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Insights into projects

Without water there is no life: One of the highlights of the events was the live stream to Mozambique. Marc Bruckhaus, founder of Enteria, presented the project “Mati Mati”. Since July 2020, a solar well is pumping clean fresh water into a ten-metre-high water tower and distributing it within a radius of 1.5 kilometres through a water network to eight easily accessible water fountains. In order to show the local impact of this project on quality of life villagers proudly presented and demonstrated the facilities via live stream.

Water was also in the focus of the next project: In Zanzibar, the company Boreal Light uses a solar powered system for desalination. The founder Hamed Beheshdi who is locally known as “Doctor Water” presented the system which obtains drinking water from the strongly saline water which results from high evaporation and irrigation agriculture. What makes this system so special is that no waste water is produced because byproducts are being used for example in fish farming. As a learning, Beheshdi emphasized the cooperation with and engagement of the local community in all project phases.

A different way to reach climate neutrality is sustainability and energy efficiency in construction and living. Matthias Matschewski from the Berlin architecture office Peter Ruge Architekten presented the “passive house Bruck“ in Changxing, located in the subtropical southeast of China. This innovative building is almost 95% more energy efficient than conventional Chinese houses due to numerous heat protection measures, such as triple glazed window units, fixed sun shading elements and a highly efficient ventilation system. He also emphasized the importance of an ongoing conversation of the local residents and communities as they were initially skeptical about a building that doesn’t allow windows to be opened but could ultimately be convinced of the smart technology.

Passivhaus Bruck in China bei Nacht.

Passivhaus Bruck

Results of international cooperation

The events impressively showed the results of international cooperation supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. By adapting their technologies to local needs, German companies support sustainability, energy access and awareness for climate change of end consumers. Nevertheless, only in cooperation with partners in various communities worldwide real steps towards climate neutrality can be implemented.

If you’re interested in more events of the German Energy Solutions Initiative, you will find the dates and locations in our calendar.