Screenshot from the zoom interview.

Martin Lyambai, PDP Country Representative for Botswana and Zambia and Reinford Hachoonga from Sunlink Corporate Solutions during the interview.

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The German Training Weeks on Project Development aim to expand local networks and practical experience with German experts from the solar PV industry. It offers the opportunity to strengthen project development skills of local practitioners and to establish long-term partnerships with highly qualified German companies in the solar PV industry.

Why were you interested in participating in the German Training Week?

Prior to the GTW, I was already experienced in installing small renewable energy systems for mostly private households. However, I was looking forward to learn how to write concepts, proposals or bids for medium to large size systems. Also, I wanted to expand my technical knowhow about solar project development.

Before your participation in the GTW and after – do you think there have been changes in the way you develop projects?

With the knowledge I got from the GTW I focused more on medium sized projects and how to tackle the different steps. I even started to provide trainings, which resulted in more and better communication with local colleagues from the renewable energy sector. I’ve already put the knowledge into practice on seven projects and there are some new ones in line.

What is the biggest project you developed so far after the GTW?

The biggest project I worked on since attending the GTW was a 100 kWp project right here in Lusaka, Zambia. I didn’t win the tender, but I engaged to be part of the technical guidance team and worked together with another local company. Attending the GTW made it possible for me to be invited to participate in that project and to verify that I have the necessary capacities.

What were your impressions on the GTW format and the trainers?

Special to me was that the facilitators really had a deep understanding on what is important to implement medium to large size projects. They shared their knowledge in a way that everyone participating could understand and follow the input. I never had the feeling that they were unsure when I asked questions.

Next month the next GTW for Zambia and Botswana will take place. Would you recommend participating in the GTW to others?

I would absolutely recommend this kind of training. There is still quite a knowledge gap on understanding how to design concepts and submit proposals for renewable energy projects. The shared knowledge really helped me a lot, this training would be valuable to others, too. It also creates a knowledge sharing opportunity and business linkages. I am the best example: I am currently engaged as a trainer in renewable energy and met my current employer during the GTW.