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GTW participants in Madagascar in 2019

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The energy consumption of commercial and industrial consumers in developing and emerging countries is often unnecessarily high. For the economies of many PDP partner countries, energy-efficient growth of industry and commerce is important to ensure low CO2 emissions. However, the potential for savings through energy efficiency measures often remains untapped. Although energy audits are sometimes even required by law, in practice companies need targeted knowledge and expert support to implement such measures. This is where the PDP comes in with the new German Training Week (GTW) on Energy Efficiency.

Energy efficiency "made in Germany"

The German Training Week – Energy Efficiency aims to provide the latest insights on saving potentials for local energy auditors and factory managers through German providers of energy efficient technologies for industrial applications. Furthermore, this GTW aims to expand the participants’ network and pave the way for long-term business relationships.

Integrated into a curriculum, German energy efficiency providers present state-of-art solutions. The training was designed by GIZ as part of the Project Development Programme (PDP) of the German Energy Solutions Initiative with the aim of including all relevant areas of an energy efficiency project. These areas can be divided into technical, commercial, and legal aspects.

New cooperation opportunities

Modernising, expanding, or redesigning industrial production and at the same time making production processes more energy-efficient - local companies with this goal are the focus of PDP.
Companies planning new plants will meet German energy efficiency consultants who design processes to be energy-efficient right from the start. For existing plants, efficiency recommendations from local auditors are used to develop concrete projects that can be implemented with German technology. In the process, the PDP team accompanies and advises local partner companies in setting priorities, selecting the technical solution, and financing the investment.

In addition to improving the efficiency of the systems in these markets, this approach simultaneously increases the attractiveness of the financial investments. Suppliers can offer targeted products and solutions for energy saving and make a practical contribution to sustainable energy use in the partner countries, while opening new markets and gaining customers.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to receive first-hand information about potentials to increase your energy efficiency.

For more information on the GTWs and the detailed programme, please visit the respective event pages.