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No. 05/2020 27/10/2020
German Energy Solutions News

Welcome to the current edition of the newsletter of the Germany Energy Solutions Initiative. In the bi-monthly editions we keep you up to date with the latest information about German energy solutions. Furthermore you will learn about opportunities to meet German business partners around the world. This newsletter service is provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is free of charge.

Fact-finding Missions

Fact-finding missions to Germany online now
Our fact-finding missions are designed to give overseas organisations and companies valuable first-hand knowledge of the innovative energy solutions sector in Germany. Each mission to Germany is country/region specific and focuses on a field of technology which is already being implemented. Due to COVID-19, the missions will be taking place online this year and will consist of virtual on-site visits and networking events, where company representatives can grow their business contacts.More
Fact-finding+missions+to+Germany+online+now Fact-finding+missions+to+Germany+online+now Fact-finding+missions+to+Germany+online+now
Flagship projects worldwide: Solar wells for Mozambique
Solar wells “Mati Mati” in Mosambik, South East Africa
The Wuppertal-based company ENTERIA Energietechnik is bringing affordable water to a drought-stricken region of Mozambique. Construction began on a pilot solar-powered well in Pembane in July, and it has been pumping out clean water ever since and distributing it to eight fountains within a 1.5 kilometre radius. The “Mati Mati” (Water, Water) project is implemented through the Renewable Energy Solutions (RES) programme in collaboration with the Inhambane provincial government and the German pump manufacturer WILO, Aktion Afrika e.V., iSAtech water GmbH and the German Energy Agency, and is financed by the BMWi.
Flagship+projects+worldwide%3A+Solar+wells+for+Mozambique Flagship+projects+worldwide%3A+Solar+wells+for+Mozambique Flagship+projects+worldwide%3A+Solar+wells+for+Mozambique
New focus of the Project Development Programme (PDP): Energy efficiency
Project Development Programme (PDP)
Companies and industrial enterprises in developing and emerging countries often consume an unnecessary large amount of energy. The PDP will therefore strengthen its support for achieving energy savings. Similar to the already successfully-tested concept in the field of renewable energies, PDP is also focusing on the development of concrete project opportunities when it comes to energy efficiency projects.
New+focus+of+the+Project+Development+Programme+%28PDP%29%3A+Energy+efficiency New+focus+of+the+Project+Development+Programme+%28PDP%29%3A+Energy+efficiency New+focus+of+the+Project+Development+Programme+%28PDP%29%3A+Energy+efficiency
Stuttgart: World’s first Carnot battery stores electricity in heat
Illustration Energiespeicher
A ground-breaking new energy storage technology can achieve higher efficiencies with fewer energy losses, and it does so by storing electricity in heat (which is stored in water or liquid salt tanks). The first ever Carnot battery is being built in Stuttgart at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics within the German Aerospace Centre. With a storage capacity of 1,000 MW hours, it could provide a city the size of Stuttgart with a stable energy supply. Find out more about how the Carnot battery could help to power the energy turnaround.
Stuttgart%3A+World%E2%80%99s+first+Carnot+battery+stores+electricity+in+heat Stuttgart%3A+World%E2%80%99s+first+Carnot+battery+stores+electricity+in+heat Stuttgart%3A+World%E2%80%99s+first+Carnot+battery+stores+electricity+in+heat
Student develops record-breaking tandem solar PV cell
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A student researcher at the Fraunhofer ISE has achieved a record solar efficiency of 25.9 percent for a III-V/Si tandem solar cell grown directly onto silicon. Fraunhofer researchers have been developing tandem photovoltaics technologies since 2007, but previous techniques had proved too expensive for industrial application. The new technique involves growing layers directly onto a special silicon wafer which is treated inexpensively using mechanical grinding and etching.
Student+develops+record-breaking+tandem+solar+PV+cell Student+develops+record-breaking+tandem+solar+PV+cell Student+develops+record-breaking+tandem+solar+PV+cell
Current events within the German Energy Solutions Initiative
Veranstaltung im BMWK: Redner auf Bühne, Publikum
02.11. - 05.11.2020: Offshore wind energy in South Korea (Online)

02.11. - 05.11.2020: Grid infrastructure with storage solutions in Norway (Online)

09.11. - 13.11.2020: Renewables and energy efficiency in industry and commerce in Bolivia (Online)

16.11. - 20.11.2020: Offshore wind energy in the USA (Online)

23.11. - 26.11.2020: Biogas: Plant, gas treatment and efficiency increase in China (Online)

23.11. - 27.11.2020: Energy efficiency in industry and renewable energies in Cambodia (Online)

06.12. - 11.12.2020: Energy efficiency for industry and commerce incl. CSP for industrial application in Jordan (Online)

16.11. - 11.12.2020: Project development in Pakistan (Online)

Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative
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