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No. 06/2020 22/12/2020
German Energy Solutions News

Welcome to the current edition of the newsletter of the Germany Energy Solutions Initiative. In the bi-monthly editions we keep you up to date with the latest information about German energy solutions. Furthermore you will learn about opportunities to meet German business partners around the world. This newsletter service is provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is free of charge.

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Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy – what next?
In an exclusive interview, Werner Diwald, chairman of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV), provides the latest on the all-important National Hydrogen Strategy, which was unveiled in June. Despite the challenges of the past year, he says, German hydrogen technology and energy solutions providers are well-positioned to become global leaders in the sector which is said to be the “oil of tomorrow”. But after six months of regulatory issues and planning, it is now time for implementation and for scaling-up to become export-ready. He offers invaluable market insights into the sector in Germany and has advice for international companies seeking to be wholesale importers of hydrogen.More
Germany%E2%80%99s+National+Hydrogen+Strategy+%E2%80%93+what+next%3F Germany%E2%80%99s+National+Hydrogen+Strategy+%E2%80%93+what+next%3F Germany%E2%80%99s+National+Hydrogen+Strategy+%E2%80%93+what+next%3F
Energy Efficiency Awards: flagship projects in Ireland and China
Technology Showcase East China - LUTHER Design
A selection of outstanding international partnerships in the building sector were showcased at the Energy Efficiency Awards in Dublin in October and in Shanghai in December respectively, both organised by the regional German AHK. Each project demonstrated how innovative German technologies can help make building stock more energy efficient. They ranged from the Central Bank of Ireland, which has been fitted with heat and cold pumps made by the Wilo Group, to a “thermally-sealed envelope” timber house on the windy isle of Edernish from Ökologischer Holzbau. In China, the LUTHER Design office complex, a former factory, has been turned into a “passive house” using a powerful HVAC and other systems; while in Zehjiang province, a derelict wooden house from the Qing dynasty has been retrofitted by HXP Planung to become an ultra-low energy house.Find out more:
Energy+Efficiency+Awards%3A+flagship+projects+in+Ireland+and+China Energy+Efficiency+Awards%3A+flagship+projects+in+Ireland+and+China Energy+Efficiency+Awards%3A+flagship+projects+in+Ireland+and+China
Revolutionary lightweight battery back for electric vehicles
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Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability (LBF) have developed a new kind of lightweight fibre-plastic composite (FRP) housing for batteries, which can reduce the overall weight of an electric vehicle by 40 percent. The innovation will dramatically reduce the moving mass of the EV and lower the cost of production. The FRP can be produced cost-efficiently in just two minutes using injection moulding.
Revolutionary+lightweight+battery+back+for+electric+vehicles Revolutionary+lightweight+battery+back+for+electric+vehicles Revolutionary+lightweight+battery+back+for+electric+vehicles
Big Data and AI smarten up solar photovoltaics
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A consortium of commercial and academic partners behind the Digital Twin Solar research project hope to improve the performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems using the latest cutting-edge technologies including machine learning and advanced simulation. The project is led by SMA Solar Technology from Niestetal with scientific know-how from the University of Kassel and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The focus is on creating a “digital simulation” of a PV system in order to better predict and improve operational performance and to test new developments.
Big+Data+and+AI+smarten+up+solar+photovoltaics Big+Data+and+AI+smarten+up+solar+photovoltaics Big+Data+and+AI+smarten+up+solar+photovoltaics
Current events within the German Energy Solutions Initiative
Veranstaltung im BMWK: Redner auf Bühne, Publikum
24.01. -28.01.2021: Photovoltaic and wind energy with hydrogen storage in Oman (Online)

12.01. - 04.02.2021: Project development in Mali (Online)

11.01 - 05.02.2021: Project development in Cambodia (Online)

01.02. - 26.02.2021: Project development in Nigeria (Online)

01.03. - 04.03.2021: Bioenergy with focus on waste-to-energy in Nigeria (Online)

Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative
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