Publications 01/05/2017 -

Energy Solutions for Off-grid Applications Providing electric power and heat for regions without grid power or connected to a weak grid interconnection


Safe access to clean and affordable energy is a central prerequisite for sustainable development and the fight against poverty. In order to supply as many people and areas as possible with clean and affordable energy, off-grid applications working in conjunction with renewable energies present an ideal solution.

  • Field of application/technology: Energy generation, Bioenergy, Geothermal energy, Small-scale hydro, Solar energy, Wind energy, Energy infrastructure

Off-grid applications with renewable energies therefore also contribute towards achieving global climate goals.

We must find solutions for the energy sector now in order to facilitate economic development and protect the climate. Germany is already actively working toward an international energy reform – for example, through numerous pilot projects worldwide. Thanks to its decades of experience and innovative companies in the field of renewable energies, Germany is well-equipped to face these challenges.

This publication aims to provide an overview of the possible ways of providing, integrating and storing off-grid electricity, heat and cooling from renewable energies. Practical examples and pilot projects provide application-based insights for the benefit of private users, small businesses, farmers, industrial corporations and municipalities.