Solar energy

Worldwide, photovoltaics has turned into a booming, high-tech industry. Photovoltaic systems are flexible and, today, the costs of photovoltaic electricity are often lower than the costs of electricity from fossil fuels. Solar energy is also used directly, to generate heat or to operate a cooling unit. In sunny regions in particular, solar energy can be used in another powerful way: Concentrated solar power.

Learn more about the advantages of solar energy in this chapter of the film "Energy Solutions - made in Germany".

About the film

“Energy solutions – made in Germany” is a 30-minute film production on today’s innovative and sustainable energy solutions from Germany. It presents insights into all major technologies and service solutions needed for a successful energy transition - covering renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, smart grids, storage technologies and mobility solutions.

The plot guides its audience through all levels and aspects of the energy supply – ranging from sustainable energy generation technologies and new infrastructural solutions, to efficient energy use in buildings, industry and transport.