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No. 01/2022 22/02/2022
German Energy Solutions News

Welcome to the current edition of the newsletter of the Germany Energy Solutions Initiative. In the bi-monthly editions we keep you up to date with the latest information about German energy solutions. Furthermore you will learn about opportunities to meet German business partners around the world. This newsletter service is provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and is free of charge.

20 years: the German Energy Solutions Initiative

A trendsetter for 20 years: the German Energy Solutions Initiative
A resolution passed by the German Bundestag on February 20, 2002, gave the go-ahead for a new form of foreign trade promotion: the "Federal Initiative Renewable Energies Worldwide - Global Renewable Network".

A+trendsetter+for+20+years%3A+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative A+trendsetter+for+20+years%3A+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative A+trendsetter+for+20+years%3A+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative
Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD)
BETD Side Event
The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue will take place on 29-30 March 2022. The event has become a leading international forum for key stakeholders of the energy sector. The German Energy Solutions Initiative will hold an online side event for the BETD; stay tuned here for more information.
Berlin+Energy+Transition+Dialogue+%28BETD%29 Berlin+Energy+Transition+Dialogue+%28BETD%29 Berlin+Energy+Transition+Dialogue+%28BETD%29
PDP reference project trip East Africa: Successful solar projects seek imitators
Visit to the PDP reference project Shalima Flowers, East African Growers
How do East African companies profit from self-produced solar power? This question was answered on the latest reference project trip. The focus was on successful photovoltaic projects in Kenya implemented by German SMEs with technical support from the Project Development Programme of the German Energy Solutions Initiative.
PDP+reference+project+trip+East+Africa%3A+Successful+solar+projects+seek+imitators PDP+reference+project+trip+East+Africa%3A+Successful+solar+projects+seek+imitators PDP+reference+project+trip+East+Africa%3A+Successful+solar+projects+seek+imitators
Plug-in and go! Prefabricated renewable energy units for buildings
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Two Fraunhofer institutions have come up with a neat solution for the energy renovation of modular, modern buildings built after 1950. The “renewable energy (RE) units” – which feature photovoltaic panels and an intelligent heat pump – basically form an energy envelope on the façade which provides heat and cooling for the adjoining rooms. The RE units can be fitted in a manner of hours without disturbing the building’s internal infrastructure.
Plug-in+and+go%21+Prefabricated+renewable+energy+units+for+buildings Plug-in+and+go%21+Prefabricated+renewable+energy+units+for+buildings Plug-in+and+go%21+Prefabricated+renewable+energy+units+for+buildings
Current events within the German Energy Solutions Initiative
Veranstaltung im BMWK: Redner auf Bühne, Publikum
07.03. - 11.03.2022: Project development in Nigeria (Online)

14.03. - 18.03.2022: Sustainable energy production and infrastructure in cities in Thailand

14.03. - 18.03.2022: Self-sufficiency with renewable energies for industrial and commercial buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Online)

21.03 - 25.03.2022: Renewable energy supply systems and storage in Malta (Online)

28.03. - 01.04.2022: Green Hydrogen, P2X and Energy Storage in South Africa (Online)

04.04. - 08.04.2022: Bioenergy and grid stabilization technologies in Australia (Online)

04.04. - 08.04.2022: Solar Energy in Russia

21.03. - 04.04.2022: Project development in Mali (Online)

Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative
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