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No. 02/2021 27/04/2021
German Energy Solutions News

Welcome to the current edition of the newsletter of the Germany Energy Solutions Initiative. In the bi-monthly editions we keep you up to date with the latest information about German energy solutions. Furthermore you will learn about opportunities to meet German business partners around the world. This newsletter service is provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is free of charge.

Screenshot from the online Event: Hosts and Speakers

Together towards climate neutrality with German energy solutions
In March, our side-events of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) was attended by over 100 participants from four continents taking part in two video conferences. Organised by the German Energy Solutions Initiative, the goal behind the events was to create a networking forum where German companies and their international partners presented their joint projects and exchanged learnings. Highlights included the presentation of a solar-powered desalination system in Zanzibar and the highly energy efficient "Passive House Bruck" building in Changxing, in the subtropical southeast of China.

Together+towards+climate+neutrality+with+German+energy+solutions Together+towards+climate+neutrality+with+German+energy+solutions Together+towards+climate+neutrality+with+German+energy+solutions
Energy Efficiency Awards Showcases – East China
Technology Showcase East China - LUTHER Design
Green building technology from Germany is creating a stir in East China by demonstrating how buildings can become more energy efficient – as the latest flagship projects in the region show. Five East China projects received Energy Efficiency Awards last year, which are funded by the BMWi under the German Energy Solutions Initiative. For example, Passive House Bruck, a five-storey apartment block in Changxing, Zhejiang Province, which was also presented at our BETD side event, boasts innovations such as triple-glazed windows with an intelligent shading system and an insulated terracotta façade that protects the building shell from overheating in hot weather. While in Yangpu District, Shanghai, the Eurocampus German school campus has been fitted out with the latest energy conserving technologies from German companies to reduce overall consumption by 33 percent.
Energy+Efficiency+Awards+Showcases+%E2%80%93+East+China Energy+Efficiency+Awards+Showcases+%E2%80%93+East+China Energy+Efficiency+Awards+Showcases+%E2%80%93+East+China
Inductive Charging – not just for mobile phones
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Find out how two physicists from the Technical University of Munich developed a highly innovative superconducting coil which is capable of contactless power transmission in a range of over five kilowatts with only small losses. Their breakthrough means that larger electronic devices such as industrial robots, medical equipment and even autonomous aircraft could one day be charged wirelessly, while idle. Its Contactless power transmission (CPT) is a technology that will advance automation in Germany and support Industry 4.0.
Inductive+Charging+%E2%80%93+not+just+for+mobile+phones Inductive+Charging+%E2%80%93+not+just+for+mobile+phones Inductive+Charging+%E2%80%93+not+just+for+mobile+phones
Testing hydrogen technologies just got easier
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A measurement sensor that captures precise force parameters in the testing and development of the parts used in H2 technology, is now ready for commercial use. The innovation, which won the “ThinKing” innovation prize, awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Agency for Lightweight Construction, was developed by a team of researchers from the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) at the University of Stuttgart. In practice, it will make hydrogen application systems safer, more durable and quicker to market.
Testing+hydrogen+technologies+just+got+easier Testing+hydrogen+technologies+just+got+easier Testing+hydrogen+technologies+just+got+easier
Current events within the German Energy Solutions Initiative
Veranstaltung im BMWK: Redner auf Bühne, Publikum
03.05. - 06.05.2021: Energy efficiency in buildings in Singapore (Online)

03.05. - 07.05.2021: Energy management and smart grids in Belarus (Online)

17.05 - 21.05.2021: Energy efficiency in buildings incl. geothermal energy in Serbia and Montenegro (Online)

17.05 - 21.05.2021: Self-supply with renewable energies and mini-grids in Madagascar (Online)

17.05 - 21.05.2021: Energy efficiency in residential and commercial construction in consideration of PV-hybrids and storage solutions in the Philippines (Online)

07.06. - 10.06.2021: Energy infrastructure for off-grid market incl. smart grids in Nigeria (Online)

07.06. - 11.06.2021: Renewable energy and energy efficiency in Uzbekistan (Online)

14.06. - 18.06.2021: Renewable energies and storage technologies for charging infrastructure in India (Online)

14.06. - 18.06.2021: Bioenergy for producing renewable heat in Denmark (Online)

14.06. - 18.06.2021: Energy efficiency in industry and commerce in Austria (Online)

Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative
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