167 Petawatt GmbH

Since approx. 10 years our company has been successfully active on the German market. We do a electricity infrastructure for households, industries or communities in engineering and installation. As a service provider of energy-efficient systems and renevable energie products to the households, e. g. surplus energy houses, or for industrial/infrastructure sector, e. g. photovoltaics on the roof or free field build intelligent systems. We are specialized in photovoltaic systems - what is - we create combined building services automation with electrical supply and charging systems for electric vehicles. The power of Cleantech is ours!

Further information

Type of Business

  • Consulting,
  • Engineering,
  • Installation


  • Electricity transfer and storage:
  • Inverter technology,
  • Large battery systems,
  • Network control technology,
  • Power-to-gas technology,
  • Small battery systems
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration / centralised heating, ventilation and air conditioning:
  • Air handling units,
  • Aircooled /watercooled chillers,
  • Condensors and evaporators,
  • Cooling towers,
  • Heat exchanger technology,
  • Ice bank technology,
  • Industrial heat pump technology,
  • Refrigeration plant technology and equipment
  • Machinery and plant engineering:
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Construction / building materials:
  • Insulation,
  • Doors & Windows


  • Energy supply & distribution (thermal and electrical):
  • Renewable power generation
  • End user / consumer:
  • Household appliances
  • Transport and mobility:
  • Public infrastructure