Energy Generation

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Energy generation, heating and cooling

Renewable energy sources are increasingly used for electricity and heat generation and for cooling. Find out more!

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Electricity Generation

Industrial and private electricity supply

The electricity market of the future will look nothing like the one of the past. Find out more about the technologies that are bringing the change: Photovoltaics, concentrated solar power, hydroelectric installations and wind energy.


Combined heating & cooling and electricity generation

Combined production of heat, cooling and power provides efficiency, environmental and economic benefits. Here you can find more information on which technologies made in Germany can be used.

Heating & Cooling

Industrial and private heating and cooling

The heating and cooling sector is an integral part of the energy system. On these pages you will find information on cutting-edge technological solutions for effective, efficient and sustainable heating and cooling.

Energy Solutions made in Germany

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Learn about the possibilities to produce energy using renewable energy sources - from solar, bio and wind energy to hydro power, geothermal energy and system solutions - in this chapter of the film "Energy solutions - made in Germany".


News from Germany

01/04/2020 Transport

Intelligent multiple charging solution for electric cars

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01/04/2020 Energy storage

Initiative to expedite electric battery production in Germany

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01/04/2020 Solar energy

Concentrated solar power in a clamshell

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Find German partners and flagship projects

Flagship Projects

Flagship projects worldwide

Browse flagship projects implemented with energy solutions - made in Germany

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Online Data Base - Company Search, Copyright: BMWi/ Anja Blumentritt

Online data base - Company Search

Find German partners online - based on their company profile

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Online Data Base - Solutions Search

Online data base - Solutions Search

Find German partners online - based on their products and solutions

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