KAB ICE has been founded in 2004 and we are specialised in process cooling solutions, especially for the construction industry. The foundation idea was to invent a new technique for the production of ice and ice water as the there was no remarkable step of development in this field for at least 25 years. After 3.5 years of development the first combined KAB ice and ice water plant in the world was commissioned Dubai in 2005. Since that time we have built more than 74 KAB ice and ice water plants with patented innovations which guarantee energy savings of 30% to 50% compared to conventional ice plants. From Switzerland to Dubai our plants are installed and branches of KAB ICE have been founded in Dubai, Singapore, India and soon Saudi Arabia and Brasil will follow. Currently we are working on the next generation of process cooling solutions, consuming even less energy, as we believe in innovations and sustainability.

Further information

Type of Business

  • Engineering,
  • R & D,
  • Construction


  • Energy efficiency in industry and trade: electricity sector:
  • Electrical and mechanical drive engineering
  • Energy efficiency in industry and trade: heating and cooling sectors:
  • Aircooled /watercooled chillers,
  • Condensors and evaporators,
  • Cooling towers,
  • Heat exchanger technology,
  • Ice bank technology,
  • Industrial heat pump technology,
  • Refrigeration plant technology and equipment
  • Power grids:
  • Inverter technology,
  • Network control technology
  • Storage technologies in the electricity sector:
  • Large battery systems,
  • Small battery systems
  • Sector Coupling Technologies:
  • Power-to-gas technology
  • Building envelope:
  • Insulation,
  • Doors & Windows


  • Energy efficiency in buildings:
  • Structural engineering