Rolf Disch is one of pioneers of sustainable architecture. For more than 40 years, he has been building “with the sun”. In 1994, he designed the first building worldwide to generate more energy than it consumes, the “Heliotrope”. He then came up with the first “plusenergy” housing estate, the first “plusenergy” commercial and office building. Currently, he is working on several large residential etates (e.g. in Berlin and near Basel), and on a plusenergy refurbishment of a historically listed building, which at the same time will be the first plusenergy house in France. Further projects on different continents are being negotiated right now. Rolf Dischs approach is to reduce energy comsumption, to supply the demand from renewable sources - and wherever possible to generate a surplus of PV electricity. Of course, the plusenergy concept must be adaptated every time, to take account of the climatic and economic, the social and cultural contexts in each country.

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