We support Industry, trade and handcraft and, through our sales partners, even consumers with long living nanosealings on surfaces of nearly every kind of material. As experts in the area of nano- coatings and an internationally producer on nanotechnical sealings we are mainly focused on the following points: We advise you in ways of application of nano- sealings, like car- treatment or protection against rain. We advise you in product selection for your needs, for example the main focus on impregnation, lotus effect, or self cleaning. We advise you by the integration of the nano- sealings in your manufacturing processes. We offer you the trade with nano- sealings for your own usage. We recruit sales partners (retailers and wholesaler) worldwide. Our product range includes products for consumers, which are offered in our shop, as well as sealings which are, depending on the more complicate use, specially developed for the industrial usage. These products are very resilient and they are the top of what you can do with nanotechnology today. Please contact us. - We are looking forward to advise you.

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