IMPROVEMENT IS OUR FOCUS With our knowhow and network we reach amendments for convincing results. To Your project the C3-Consultants contribute over 25 years of experience - combining our structure-centered view on the main fields of sales, marketing and business development. Thus especially for energy efficient technologies and optimized solutions. We always start with a holistic approach to each customers project. C3CONSULT - FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY We stand for an efficient use of resources and energy. Today companies, municipalities, governmental authorithies, organizations and even NGO´s needs to take a very close look at resources and energy efficient technologies. We do support You and Your project with all our experience and ambition. C3CONSULT EXPLORES... the most efficient and innovative technology from Germany. As part of our holistic approach for consulting, we work closely together with our partners – providing the most sustainable and efficient solutions of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency: • lighting solutions for all usage (indoor and outdoor) • turnkey ready production systems for photovoltaic modules and patented modules • testing equipment for PV plants and modules, mobile and stationary • small and midsize windturbines for decentralized energy supply • battery storage systems / power storage units for decentralized energy supply • biogas plants for rural regions and independant power production • smal scale CHPs and ORC / SRC systems for conversion of residual and waste heat into electricity • water treatment / smal scale stand-alone solutions (UV desinfection) • highly energy efficient pumps for industrial environments • waste-to-oil plants / conversion of plastic waste into diesel and kerosin We function as an interface between technology and market environment - we bring products into projects - we are linking people. C3Consult is cooperating with the most innovative manufacturers on the market - they have proven to be "one-step-ahead" and they will be partner for years. C3CONSULT IS OPTIMIZING Saving energy consumption through optimization is the best way for cutting energy and maintenance costs in municipal and industrial environments effectively. C3CONSULT and our partners are providing years of experience and know-how in many industries – we will disclose Your possibilities for optimizing Your existing installations or give You advice in planning new projects with future ready technologies beyond start-of-the-art. C3CONSULT IMPLEMENTS On the one hand we are specialized in energy savings by minimizing energy consumption with an emphasis on lighting for indoor and outdoor use: LED- and induction light systems for indoor- and outdoor-lighting, which can demonstrably guarantee energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional installations. We know the essence of new innovative durable and long lasting products with a lifetime of 50,000 to about 100,000 hours of operation and thus virtually maintenance-free. Our services range from the inventory of existing facilities on the re-design of lighting solutions up to planning of lighting installation together with your and our supply partners. On the other hand we are implementing renewable energy supply systems together with planning partnerns, i.e.: small wind turbines, biogas and PV-plants in combination with CHP / ORC / SRC engines from small scale to industrial or municipal scale for decentralized energy supply and on-site-storage.

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