Energy architecture Sustainability and cost for operation have come into focus when designing and operating buildings. Increasing costs for energy reduce dramatically the clearance for investments of public or private investors. Just 15-25% of the total cost of a building related to a life cycle of 30 years are caused by the construction of a building. Above all buildings with ambitious utilisation require investors with courage and the right view for innovative decisions and they need us as experienced partners for the realisation and the development of a forward looking building. Maintaining old buildings one needs long term strategies. The dramatic shortage of fossil fuels, resulting in increasing prices demands a determined turnaround to renewable energies. Energy architecture is looking for the most economic solution for any construction task. Interdisciplinary working from the beginning and experience and excellence of specialists guarantees for convincing solutions. Designing for us is inseparably tied with thinking about energy. Our services: Designing Passiv- and Plus-Energy-Houses Energetic modernisation surveys Prediction of operation costs Calculation of cost effectiveness energy concepts Calculation of thermal bridges Thermografic building analysis Calculation of heating demand Consulting for funding Energy passes Monitoring of buildings Less now longer is enough from Passive House to Plus-Energy-House.

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