Making waste heat usable and generate environmentally friendly electricity! The smartE5 GmbH is manufacturer of energy recovery systems (ERS 200). At the heart of the production is the patent for publication by the German Patent and Trademark Office under the file number 10 2018 006 235.0 "Device for Utilization of Waste Heat Through Conversion Using Peltier Elements Into Electric Power in Commercially Usable Scale". The smartE5 GmbH is so far the only company in the world identified that brings a complete thermogenerator system for plant-technical usability, mainly for the low temperature range and for industrial purposes on the market. In principle, waste heat of any kind can be used again as thermal energy and, at the same time, environmentally friendly electricity is produced. The saving of CO2 and the reduction of primary energy is currently the biggest challenge worldwide. In order to achieve these goals, various support programs have been set up in Germany alone and, according to the responsible persons in the individual institutions, have the highest priority in implementation.

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