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Climate-friendly energy solutions from Germany are in great demand all around the world. Manufacturers and services providers from Germany have teamed up with German Energy Agency dena to implement local flagship projects large and small in various countries.

More than 100 renewables installations ‘Made in Germany’ have already been commissioned in 65 countries across the globe. You can visit these projects in your region and convince yourself of the funcitionality and the reliability of these installations.

The programme aims to foster business partnerships between local buyers and German suppliers and to promote a transfer of expertise. Your German project partner can apply for participation in the programme in the first quarter of each year.

Every project in the RES programme goes beyond the mere installation of an energy solution made in Germany. The projects are also accompanied with marketing to provide information about the underlying technology and a profund understanding of how it works.

The RES programme is funded bythe Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the Ministry’s German Energy Solutions Initiative.