Energy generation

Technologies for hydrogen production, storage, distribution and use in Chile AHK Trade Mission


Begin: 30/03/2020
End: 03/04/2020
Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile
Field of application/technology: Energy generation, Energy infrastructure, Energy storage
Country of implementation: Chile
Target area: America, South America

An AHK trade mission to Chile comprising up to eight German companies offering sustainable technologies and smart solutions in the field of Green Hydrogen in Chile will take place on from 30 March to 03 April 2020.

German Energy Solutions

A one-day seminar is taking place in Santiago de Chile on 31 March 2020. The event will showcase the expertise and the latest energy solutions from Germany and Chile. This conference provides a forum for networking, specialist talks, discussing current developments and the policy environment for smart energy solutions.

If you are interested in cooperating with German companies that provide technologies and services in the field of green hydrogen, the CAMCHAL - Cámara Chileno-Alemana de Comercio e Industria A.G. (Chilean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) will organize individual business meetings at your request throughout the afore-mentioned week. This way you can gain insights into the products and services they offer and explore business opportunities with them..

Contact for further information

To register and to obtain further information about the event, including the profiles of the participating German companies, please contact the Chilean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Chileno-Alemana de Comercio e Industria
Christoph Meyer
Project Manager Smart Energy Concepts
Tel.: (+56) 2 2203 5320 -49