Energy generation

Grid integration and storage of renewable energies in Russia Fact Finding Mission


Begin: 13/04/2021
End: 15/04/2021
Location: online
Field of application/technology: Energy generation, Energy infrastructure, Energy storage, Solar energy, Wind energy
Country of implementation: Russia
Target area: Europe, North East Europe

A digital fact-finding mission for company representatives and decision-makers from Russia to Germany from 13– 15 April 2021 will enable you to gather first-hand information on the grid integration and storage of renewable energies and to establish business contacts with German companies. The fact-finding mission includes a three day seminar with lectures, presentations and virtual on-site visits of best-practice projects.

Meet German companies

The event provides insight into the current situation, trends and prospects for German energy solutions with regard to the use of energy storage, wind and solar energy systems and hydrogen production. You have the chance to exchange knowledge with German experts and company representatives.

You will benefit from a comprehensive information and visitor programme designed to foster the transfer of expertise.

Representatives from state-owned and private companies, grid operators, ministries, public authorities and energy associations who want to gain a first-hand insight into German energy solutions are welcome to join the fact-finding-mission.

Contact for further information

To register and to obtain further information about the event, please contact the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Russia.