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No. 04/2022 30/08/2022
German Energy Solutions News

Welcome to the Germany Energy Solutions Initiative's bimonthly international newsletter. Here, you will learn about opportunities to meet German business partners in the clean tech space – and stay informed about our upcoming events. This newsletter is provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and is free of charge.

Visit to HPW Fresh and Dry Limited, Eastern Region, Ghana, during reference project trip

PDP trips: making self-sufficient solar power a reality
The promise of solar is great for small and medium-sized businesses in developing countries and hotter regions that are looking to become more energy independent. The Project Development Programme (PDP) reference trips offered by the German Energy Solutions Initiative provide many of the answers to the practical questions business owners have about installing photovoltaics. During the three-day events, German companies from the PV sector present relevant projects to prospective customers from the region with concrete examples on site. As well as providing a deep dive into the technology, workshops are offered for discussing framework, market conditions, and financing options. In the second half of 2022, these knowledge-sharing trips will take place in Botswana and Zambia, Bangladesh, as well as Jordan and Lebanon, with a particular focus on self-sufficient systems. Each will involve a visit to a working project realised by German companies with local partners. Find out more and how to register.

PDP+trips%3A+making+self-sufficient+solar+power+a+reality PDP+trips%3A+making+self-sufficient+solar+power+a+reality PDP+trips%3A+making+self-sufficient+solar+power+a+reality
New German Training Weeks on energy efficiency
Visit to HPW Fresh and Dry Limited, Eastern Region, Ghana, during reference project trip
A German Training Week (GTW) on energy efficiency will be offered to companies from our partner countries within the Project Development Programme (PDP). The energy consumption of industrial consumers in developing and emerging countries is often unnecessarily high, while the potential for savings by switching to renewables remains largely untapped. During the GTW programme, the participants – be they factory managers, local energy auditors or business owners – will receive training from German companies offering efficient cleantech solutions. The course covers all the technical, commercial and legal aspects of making the energy transition. Find out more and register today.
New+German+Training+Weeks+on+energy+efficiency New+German+Training+Weeks+on+energy+efficiency New+German+Training+Weeks+on+energy+efficiency
Northern Real Laboratory: sector coupling for decarbonisation
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One year on, the North German Real Laboratory has successfully demonstrated how joined-up green energy solutions can decarbonise industry at the same time as progressing the regional heat and mobility transition. The ambitious umbrella initiative, which involves 25 sub-projects, 22 demonstration plants and no less than 17 partners from business, science and politics, provides a concrete model for how other regions could switch to green electricity. Eight new electrolysers will begin generating green hydrogen from renewable energy over the next two years, with the largest – a 25 MW system – in the port of Hamburg. Notably, the utilities company Hamburger Energiewerke is working with the copper goods manufacturer Aurubis to capture production waste heat for storing in an underground reservoir to supply the region with hot water during the winter months.
Northern+Real+Laboratory%3A+sector+coupling+for+decarbonisation Northern+Real+Laboratory%3A+sector+coupling+for+decarbonisation Northern+Real+Laboratory%3A+sector+coupling+for+decarbonisation
Extracting value from biogenic green and brown waste
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Scientists from Fraunhofer IPA propose that we start looking at compost, wood fibre-based rubbish and even sewage in a new light – as a valuable raw material for producing green hydrogen (H2). A team from the Biointelligent Technologies group there are working on a number of projects to demonstrate how the gas – which is a powerful energy carrier – can be extracted from waste provided by regional producers including fruit farmers and vintners. The H2 can then be locally applied as fuel for mobility.
Extracting+value+from+biogenic+green+and+brown+waste Extracting+value+from+biogenic+green+and+brown+waste Extracting+value+from+biogenic+green+and+brown+waste
Underground lab for testing geothermal systems
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The potential of geothermal for advancing Germany’s energy transition remains largely untapped. A large subterranean “GeoLAB” that is under construction in the Black Forest area could change all this. The joint project partners, the German Research Centre for Geosciences and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, aim to investigate deep reservoir technology, borehole safety and other questions.
Underground+lab+for+testing+geothermal+systems Underground+lab+for+testing+geothermal+systems Underground+lab+for+testing+geothermal+systems
Current events within the German Energy Solutions Initiative
Veranstaltung im BMWK: Redner auf Bühne, Publikum
12.09. - 13.09.2022: Photovoltaic self-consumption projects in the C&I sector of Jordan and Lebanon

12.09. - 15.09.2022: Energy efficiency and renewable energies in buildings with focus on renovation in Croatia

14.09. - 16.09.2022: German Pavilion at Renewable Energy Asia - REA (ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week)

12.09. - 16.09.2022: Solar energy in Ivory Coast

19.09. - 23.09.2022: Generation and use of green hydrogen in Cuba

19.09. - 23.09.2022: Innovative solutions (including green hydrogen) to increase energy efficiency in industry and commerce in Brazil

26.09. - 30.09.2022: Energy-efficient building technologies incorporating renewables in new buildings and building refurbishment in Portugal

26.09. - 30.09.2022: Integration of Renewables and Smart Grids in Algeria

26.09. - 30.09.2022: Energy infrastructure and heat sector coupling in Denmark

10.10. - 13.10.2022: Renewable Energy and Island Grids in Rural Areas of Mali and Senegal (Online)
Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative Current+events+within+the+German+Energy+Solutions+Initiative
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