Advancing climate-friendly energy solutions made in Germany in developing and emerging markets


The Project Development Programme (PDP) supports the promotion of sustainable energy solutions as a feasible alternative to conventional power generation in developing and emerging countries.

Project Development Programme (PDP)

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The PDP builds on existing development aid measures and facilitates business partnerships as well as the exchange of experience and expertise between local and German companies. Thus, the PDP forms a vital basis for sustainable market development. Currently, the PDP is implemented in selected countries across South and Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

The PDP is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in close collaboration with the German Chambers of Commerce (AHKs).

About the PDP

Abundant resources and a widening gap between energy demand and supply make Sub-Sahara Africa, South and Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East to regions of rich potential for renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions as well as grid and storage technologies.

Germany is a pioneer of climate-friendly energy solutions increasingly incorporating renewables and energy efficiency incentives into the country’s energy mix. This vast experience has made German products and know-how one-of-a-kind in the sustainable energy solutions sector. This includes customized technology, comprehensive system solutions and innovative business models.

The PDP matches demand in the aforementioned regions with German energy solutions. This creates a triple win effect for local markets, local and German businesses as well as end-consumers.

The PDP provides …

  • Market development: policy advisory services to foster a positive environment for private-sector involvement and investments in the regions
  • Knowledge transfer: knowledge sharing and strengthening of business partnerships through capacity building measures involving local and German key players
  • Business partnerships: sector specific networks and market intelligence for optimized matchmaking

Services for businesses and decision-makers in PDP regions

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Project development and reference projects

  • Support with the realization of reference projects and joint ventures: advisory services covering project development, marketing and training activities
  • Support for all project development phases: pre-feasibility assessments, technical expert input as well as marketing and training activities based on the regional and technical expertise of the GIZ

Supporting services and Information on German Energy Solutions

  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building measures: technical, business and management training courses (Training Weeks) for local companies and business associations
  • Workshops in PDP countries: local companies benefit from German suppliers’ and service providers’ know-how and experience up to the formulation of practical solutions

Sustainable business partnerships

  • AHK Trade Missions for German companies to PDP countries: offer excellent opportunities to explore ways of cooperation for local companies, high-ranking decision-makers and German companies - organized by the GIZ and / or German bilateral Chambers of Commerce (AHK)
  • Business and delegation visits to Germany: a great way to experience cutting-edge renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, grid and storage technologies and its application first hand
  • Trade Fairs: opportunity to meet German companies and energy experts sharing their knowledge at our information booth for “Energy Solutions – made in Germany”

PDP Publications